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Nunal Boutique: The Cutest Little Shop in Hanoi

We stumbled upon Nunal Boutique while exploring the Old Quarter during our first trip to Hanoi. And we’ve made a point to visit again and again on every subsequent trip.

The owner is the cutest, sweetest little old lady who will never pressure you to buy a thing. She is happy to help but also happy to let you browse at your own pace. You’ll have an enjoyable shopping experience and know that you’re getting quality products.

The Shop

Nunal Boutique, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nunal isn’t the easiest shop to find. Not only because it’s tiny, but also because the hours vary by day (the shop is closed Sunday and usually opens around 3:00 or 4:00pm). She does have a sign out front that says “Nunal Boutique” with the address and phone number, but what you’ll spot first are the colorful bags lining the hallway that leads back to the shop.

Once inside, the shop is quite small. If you need another size or color she has plenty of backstock at the top of the narrow staircase that she can dig through. But you’ll probably have a tough time communicating unless you speak fluent Vietnamese.

The Products

Shopping in Hanoi, Vietnam: Nunal Boutique

The products offered at Nunal Boutique as similar to what you’ll find in Sapa. Bags of varying sizes and shapes woven in vibrant colors are what initially drew my attention to the shop. But her products tend to be cleaner and of a much higher quality than what you’ll find in Sapa. Plus you don’t have to take a 7-hour bus ride to get them!

Inside the shop you’ll also find a variety of other classic Vietnamese souvenirs such as scarves, neckties, wallets, and other odds and ends.

But the real draw to Nunal Boutique are the bright, colorful purses, make-up bags, pouches, backpacks, and water bottle holders hanging all over the walls!

The Pricetag

Where to Chop in Hanoi, Vietnam: Nunal Boutique

The prices at Nunal Boutique are quite reasonable, and she is also generally willing to give a small discount.

I have purchased several of her medium-sized, cylinder-shaped zipper pouches that I use as make-up bags and each cost 80,000 VND (~3.50 USD). And I recently bought a very large woven bag for 550,000 VND (~23.50 USD). She ended up giving me about $1 USD off the total price.

Most of the smaller bags and pouches are under 100,000 VND, and the larger purses range from 200,000 – 600,000 depending on size and shape. Don’t try to haggle too much, her prices are already quite fair compared to other shops in the area.

Happy shopping!

Location: 1 Đinh Liệt, Hàng Đào, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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